Bridging the Skills Gap: How Omari Digital is Preparing Namibia’s Youth for the Tech Industry


In the rapidly evolving tech landscape, the demand for skilled professionals is a global challenge, significantly felt in Namibia. As technological advancements accelerate, the gap between existing workforce skills and those required by employers continues to widen, hindering economic growth. Omari Digital, in partnership with Zamtouch, is addressing this challenge by equipping Namibian youth with crucial tech skills, fostering a generation poised to innovate and lead.

The Skills Gap in Namibia’s Tech Industry

Namibia’s burgeoning tech industry offers vast opportunities in diverse areas such as software development, cybersecurity, and data analysis. Yet, there exists a pronounced skills gap, primarily due to educational curricula that are slow to match the pace of technological change and industry needs. This gap manifests in a shortage of work-ready graduates capable of filling high-demand tech roles.

Omari Digital’s Role in Bridging the Gap

Omari Digital, established with a vision to transform tech education in Namibia, offers comprehensive training programs in collaboration with Zamtouch. These programs range from foundational courses in web and app development to advanced sessions in software engineering and cloud computing, designed to meet the industry’s current and future needs.

The institute stands out through its practical, project-based approach to learning. Students engage in real-world projects that not only build their technical skills but also encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. Moreover, Omari Digital facilitates internships and collaborative projects with leading tech companies, providing students with invaluable industry exposure.

Impact and Success Stories

The effectiveness of Omari Digital’s approach is reflected in the career trajectories of its alumni. For example, Josephine Katjivena, an alumna, is now thriving as a network engineer at a prominent telecommunications company in Windhoek. Her success underscores the quality and relevance of the training provided by Omari Digital, which equipped her with both the technical skills and the confidence to excel in her career.

Feedback from the Namibian tech community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many companies expressing their satisfaction with the readiness and creativity of Omari Digital’s graduates. This acclaim is a testament to the institute’s pivotal role in shaping skilled professionals who are ready to contribute effectively from day one.

Future Goals and Expansion Plans

Omari Digital is committed to expanding its impact by broadening its reach within Namibia and beyond. Plans are underway to launch more training centers and develop online learning platforms to ensure greater accessibility. Strategic partnerships with other tech companies, educational institutions, and government agencies are also in progress, enhancing the training ecosystem and providing more opportunities for students.

Call to Action

We encourage young Namibians, tech industry professionals, and potential partners to engage with Omari Digital. Whether you are seeking to advance your tech career, invest in nurturing talent, or collaborate on educational initiatives, Omari Digital offers a wealth of opportunities to connect and grow.


Technology is pivotal in shaping Namibia’s future, and young, tech-savvy individuals are key to this transformation. By addressing the skills gap, Omari Digital not only aids in their personal and professional development but also contributes to building a robust tech economy in Namibia. Join us in this endeavor to empower the next generation of tech leaders and innovators.